“Women’s Poetry; Within and Beyond Shores” By Dr. Shamenaz Bano

Congratulations to author, Bonnie Jennings. I love your works – now with more recognition across the world!

Mimsi Flowers and Notions

“Women’s Poetry; Within and Beyond Shores” 

By Dr. Shamenaz Bano


This book is an anthology featuring women poets from 18 countries and edited by Dr. Shamenaz Bano

The surprise of being included in this powerful anthology came a couple of weeks ago, and thank you Deborah Brooks Langford for including my 3 poems into this collection of women’s poetry. The surprize has utterly taken my breath away.

Barely reading 5 pages and the index that has these women and their bios, I have been brought to tears of great joy. This is such a gift to be included and I’m overwhelmed by these women. Where these women are located, includes 18 countries. You can read their short stories and 3 poems.

How can one say thank you enough. It is impossible for me to express my gratitude. Just being with these sister’s of all faiths, is mesmerizing and spellbinding to…

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