Introspectives into the Character of Two Presidents

This is, I believe, one of the most important introspectives into the character that underlies a good leader of the people. As these two former Presidents define their roles, then and now, we can walk away knowing that there will always be those with sound vision for a better future for all Americans; and they will have guidance from their mentors — a critical component in their decision-making. Both of these men have a healthy respect for one another, telling of their consult to one another, and relating some of those instances of historical importance where no President stood alone in pre-judgement of a situation, nor did they act without compassion and understanding by listening to and caring, first, about the future of those they led. Likewise, a healthy sense of humor must not be overlooked or underrated. These men were taught humor along with discipline, compassion along with the toughest decisions that would go against the grain of some thought present among their people. As a common thread between these two, I believe this interview illustrates the balance in and between their demeanors, as well as the exact kind of fodder for getting further than just along, but actually unified toward good purpose — a desperately needed talent among Americans today. Thanks, Bonnie, for sharing!